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The altars, full of “ofrendas” (offerings), are the focal point to observe the Día de los Muertos. In Mexico altars are assembled at home and/or at the gravesides. Entire families construct altars as an annual commitment. Usually the altar consists of four levels and four sides, representing the four stages of life, the four points of the earth, the four seasons, and the four cardinal points upon the world exists and the pyramids were built. 

The four principal seeds used by the Aztecs were tomatillo (green tomato), cacao, chile, and corn; the four elements of life: water (water or conch shells), fire (candles), earth (seeds), and wind (flute and conch shells). The four stages of life are also represented in the four states of corn: fresh corn, the seed or dry corn, cooked corn and liquid corn that is used in different foods... fresh corn… tortillas ...tamales ...atole.

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