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Enjoy Capulli, Ballet Folklorico, Rubios dancers, Danza de los Diablos, Catrina Contest and more.


Rubios Dances and Comparsas are part of the Carnival form the Days of the Dead.-The festivities of the Days of the Dead include traditional and satirical dances like the Rubios and the Chilolos. “La Danza de Los Rubios” (Dance of the Fair-skinned Ones) is a traditional dance from the Mixtec area that honors the cowboys who herded cattle from Oaxaca to the states of Veracruz and Puebla as well as parodies the ruler from Spanish descent. This group comes from Juxtlahuaca, and the dance reflects fearless and intrepid men who risked their lives herding cattle. This is a unique dance because instead of “sones” and “jarabes”, they dance to music of violins and guitars which is associated to west coastal music in Mexico.  


La Comparsa (also called Muerteada) is basically a parade that is very traditional in Oaxaca. Sometimes the comparsa is performed for four days (from October 30th to November 2nd). Each town have a variation of the comparsa, but the main characters are the happy widow, the dying or dead husband, the father of the widow, a doctor, a priest, a shaman, people dressed like death, a few devils, and “las lloronas”. The plot is a representation of the happy widow that pretends to be sad because of her husband’s condition, but she is already flirting with other men. The actors make a parody of professionals because the widow asks for financial support from her father to pay for a doctor. Once the doctor arrives, he takes the money but does not cure nor revive the husband. Then they ask the priest to help cure or revive the husband but he also fails. The shaman comes in without asking for money and he is able to cure or revive the husband. Naturally death and the devils leave angry because they believed that they would harvest a soul for themselves.

NOTE: ALL entertainers will be performing at NO COST to the organization and volunteering their talents to the essence of the event.  We thank them for their continued support over the last 20 years.

Entertainment Application
Entertainment Application (Español)

Ballet Folklorico Aztlan


Ballet Folklórico de Fallbrook


Mariachi Internacional San Diego


Grupo Folklorico Herencia Mexicana

Grupo Folkorico Herencia Mexicana4.jpeg

Banda SRC

Banda SRC.jpeg

Danza de 2 Diablos Santa Rosa Caxtlahuaca

Danza de 2 Diablos Santa Rosa Caxtlahuaca.jpeg

San Luis Rey Folkorico

San Luis Rey Ballet Folkorico2.jpeg

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