This year we will be introducing a Lowrider Bicycle Area.  All Bicycle Groups will need to contact the Event Coordinator to participate to ensure that we have allocated enough space for each group.  Only bicycles will be allowed in the Bicycle Area, No other vehicles will be allowed.


For each bicycle that will be present, one NON perishable food item will be required.  This will give our Organization a head start for our Oceanside Food Drive that will benefit the Bread of Life in Oceanside that we have in November and December 2021.  Examples of Non Perishable items are:  cereal, peanut butter, stuffing mix, potatoes, mac and cheese, canned fruit, applesauce, cranberry sauce, tomatoes, tuna, beans, corn, mixed vegetables, carrots, green beans, tomato or chicken noodle soup, pasta, spaghetti sauce, crackers, and pudding.


Please call Manuel at (760) 305-2844 or email osidedia@gmail.com.  Please make the subject BICYCLES.